Monday, 28 June 2010

Long time, nothing written.

It's not due to lack of things happening that I haven't written anything. It's the total opposite. To much things in one go and I became very overwhelmed. Some great things. My new role was finally announced, which made telling people what I do a lot easier, you know when you no longer just some random person wandering into the department asking what people are doing but actually also can tell them why I'm there. I'm very exited about this new role it's quite different from what I've done before so that is scary, which means I'm not sleeping much at the moment. But that is timed perfectly you see cause no one else is sleeping either due to the world cup games being showed at 11.30 at night through to 4.30 in the morning.

We had a great weekend with midsummer party in the apartment. We made tons of food and I tried to cure salmon above, a picture above (that is not the salmon I cured that is just a picture of cured salmon that I've stolen of the Internet). As always with parties there are some things that occurs the day after like how did the conversation about people with both aspengers and toureetes start, why is the floor in the toilet covered with pie crumbs and what happened to the candles in the hallway. All and all a great night really.

Other not so great things. The ring with the giant square stone is now a giant square stone with a cracked corner. I had just finished setting the stone and I was going to level it out, and I cracked the corner. So that was a bit shit. I have been trying to replace it, I have been at 5 gemstone stores in Sydney trying to find a princess cut moonstone to no avail. Moonstones are very rarely faceted as the beauty of the stone is shown best as a cabochon and they are also soft and scratch easily so a faceted stone shows wear much easier. I did however find some really nice checkerboard cut chalcedony that I know have in a little bag that I can poke at and go...ohhh pretty.

Anyway. I'm still looking for the moonstone. Secondly, I found that the second ring that I fabricated and had cast in gold, they casted it in the wrong colour of gold. It was casted in white gold. So I had to ask them to re-cast it and I have to wait until the end of the week.

And I'm running out of time I've realised. There are only so many hours in the day and I don't have time to make as much jewellery as I did before. I think it is because I really like my job. So I spend so much more time and energy there so I don't have that much left over when I get home at night.


  1. Crap that the moonstone cracked and crap that they setted the wring in the wrong kind of gold.

    But yey for you liking your new job so much! That's progress my dear! hipp hipp hurray!

  2. synd på stenen, och allt strul. Men det blir nog toppen när det blir klart.

    Kul att du gillar jobbet, nu får du många roliga saker som tar din uppmärksamhet

  3. I am still as impresed as I said before. You are so very good in what you are doing. I doesn´t matter if it is on the job or with your rings and stuff, prepairing food etc etc.
    I am more then proud!!!