Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Australia vs Denmark 1-0 in the Friendly

Australia did beat the Danes, more beat then mash I guess. I'm not sure it was the actual Danish team, it seemed to be some kind of Danish/Polish contingent. But it was a friendly. And they played better then they did against New Zeeland last week.

I'm going to have to have a think about who I want to win. But I do think it would be fantastic if Nigeria won...But then again, Salsa Fotball from south america is so very entertaining. Even if they cheat and throw themselves on the floor every 5 minutes.

Italy...NOOOOO, any team but Italy I think..


  1. Nicklas Bendtner, Thomas Sörensen och Simon Kjaer wasn't in the game because of injurys. They're three of the best players in Denmark. Australia were much better, but the danes have a habit of being great when it counts.

    I can be your personal sports updater!

  2. I love seeing my doughters duscussing fotball. Then I relise that your upbringing has been very good. Beeing the father its lovley to see that you are so emancipated.

  3. I just told Martin toptday that I wasn't that interested in VM. And then I read Marias blogg and Lovisas very brilliant comment, and I realized that, well it'll be quite nice with VM even though sweden isnt a part of it. Forca, not Italuy, but of coruse Denmark and Australia! And UK-are they quallified?

  4. UK is not qualified (it can't, the countries are separated when it comes to sport!), but England is. Ireland was about to qualify, but Thierry Henrys' hand goal against them stopped them from the world cup. The ref said after the game that the goal shouldn't have been approved, but then it was too late.

    Now you know=)