Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Red Jacket

Little Ms M pointed out in her comment that my jacket has been around for a while. It's not even the half truth. I bought that jacket in a Second hand shop when I was student in 1998. I often pair it up with a mulberry handbag I got given as a present in I think 1989.

The reason why I have so much old stuff, is that 1. I don't enjoy shopping very much and 2. I get really attached to my things.

I reckon the price per wear for the red jacket is probably so low that the jacket is actually paying me now,


  1. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely jacket and it suits you very well. Nothing wrong with having clothes you love. I have a chinese dress that I bought in about 1995 that gets an airing every now and then (i.e. when I can squeeze into it.)

    But having said that, you might need to get over your aversion to shopping by August...


    Monica xx

  2. I like the jacket..

    Med tanke på din aversion mot shopping så har du en fantastisk garderob. När man hälsade på dig i London verkade du ha hur mycket kläder som helst.

    Är du en semestershoppare? det vill säga, kan du shoppa bra saker på semestern?

    Jag lyckas oftast shoppa de där fantastikt luftiga byxorna och det där vackra toppen på semestern. När jag sedan kommer hem och packar upp så har jag med mig ett par vidriga hippebyxor och en disktrasa från 90-talet i bagaget.

    Ändrar man smak på ledigheten, eller byter de ut kläderna i tullen?

  3. "Rött är sött". You have always looked good in red and the jacket suits you.
    But as we say here at home this must be an "I-landsproblem".