Monday, 12 April 2010

On tour with Kurt

Kurt, Mr T and I went out this weekend. It was good, somehow being able to just jump in the car and drive to beach makes me less panicky about having to spend all day there. As I'm born and brought up in Northern Europe I have a dedication to the sun that Australians don't have, when the sun is out, I have to be in it. There is something in my soul that makes me feel very jumpy, uncomfortable and aggressive when it's sunny and I'm indoors. It's OK if it's a workday, as you have to do your job and for most of us that work is done indoors.

However if it's the weekend and it's sunny I get stressed just by waking up and not being in the sun. That behaviour is quite a hazard here, first off all there is a lot more sun and the sun is so much stronger that I quickly turn a bright lobster red even thought I'm wearing a solid Spf 30 everytime I leave my house. So I'm trying to learn a new sun behaviour, which is hard as the sun worshipping has been passed down through generations in my family.

I notice a small changes, slowly, I don't want to be on the beach or sitting in the sun during the hottest hours of the day, I prefer this autumn sun we have been having to the bright harsh and hot summer sun. Sitting on the beach this weekend has been truly marvellous, the sun has been soft and kind and a light breeze was been flowing. We brought a cool bag with lunch and everything. Very organised. Having Kurt makes everything so much easier. We even went to the hardware store to buy rope.

The rope that goes in the car. Not everyone knows about the rope that goes in the car as they haven't attended Martins Car school or Martins Onion Chopping school or the slightly more advanced Martins Iron School. But basically what you learn in Martins Car school is
1. You have to have 2 types of rope in the car at all times. One plastic, one natural fibre
2. How to get a drivers licences.

Now as you all know I haven't progressed to level 2 with the actual license, but I now own not 2 but 3 different types of rope that is kept in the car.


  1. Hej, I get very proud of when I read that you have eqiped your Kurre-car with proper ropes. That ecential to have! You never know what you need to attache and where. I hope that you also have equiped Curre with a proper knife. That is also of upmost importance. Even the most beuteful rope has to be cut evrey noe and when.

  2. I am completely intrigued. What is the rope for? I have never felt the need to carry rope in my car. But then again I haven't had a car since 2001. Maybe I need to start driving again. Monica

  3. And you also need a carpet (trasmatta) and blancets! The carpet is for kneeling on when you change tires in the middle of the night, and the blancets is for when you get a motor stop in the outlands and you have to sleep in the car. Be prepered at all times! The rope, Monica, you can use when you need to tug another car, or when you have a bed that needs transportation, or when you have something in the trunk that's too big at you need to tie the trunk shut. Rope is good for everything! :)

  4. Ropes, knifes and blancets are absolutely necessary in the car. But don't forget papertowls (?) alltså näsdukar typ så du kan torka din näsa eller om du äter i bilen och blir kladdig. And also of course glasses, paper (block) and at least one pencil. And a bottle of water. That's about it I guess...