Thursday, 8 April 2010

Say hello to the new member of our family.

Calm down mum, it's just a car, no little people have been made but we have bought a car.

It's a Volkswagen and I have named it Kurt. Or Kurre for short if you want.

This is the first car I have ever owned. It feels very strange and mature, well considering I don't have a drivers licence yet I wont be driving it anywhere right now. But once I get my learners license I will drive it, very slowly, very delicately in the crazy Sydney traffic. It has all the airbags you can get. So I reckon I'll be alright.

I have also been working on this custom made ring for a customer here in Australia. It's a London Blue Topaz, set in a chunky claw setting. I'm sending it off tommorow to it's new home.


  1. I think you will be allright driving in the crazy trafic. You'll learn, in the beginning I was so scared when I drove in the city, but it gets much better. Now I'm one of the crazy people:)

    The ring is great, I like that the band is kind of squared. And that blue colour is my favourite!!!

  2. I love the ring!! It must be awful to send it to someone unknown. But that is the dilemma of the artist. You love your stuff but you have to distribute your art to others (some unknown) to have your sucsess!

    The car is nice but its just a car.
    Then just as a litle pice of information. When yoy are 33 yaers old you are matured!! When it comes to the driving.. knowing you its just a matter of thime before you are one of the most crazy drivers i Sydney!!

  3. Lovely ring Maria, really great. And the car is also great, your dad had a red one once (30 years ago or so...) and it was very nice driving. You will as your sister an dad already has implicated, be one of the crazy drivers. Driving is wunderful and you will get another sence of freedom once you have your drivinglicense. Good luck!!! And don't feel sorry for the beatiful ring you have to send away, think of the joy it's creating for the other person!

  4. Hej!
    Jag gillar Kurre och jag hoppas att han känner sig välkommen.
    Tänk vad mycket roligt du och kurre kommer att ha, ni kan ha semester tillsammans, besöka vänner och jag tror till och med att han kan bli ett riktigt bra sällskap när du handlar.
    Tänk på att behandla kurre bra, och att det handlar om att både och ta i ett förhållande!!

    Krama kurre från mig!