Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Flat

I’ve been in my flat for over a week and I love it. I really love my flat, probably the second time in my life where I live somewhere where I want to invite people just to show it. It’s such a nice flat, with two big locks, and the bedroom is a nook behind 1 extra door so I feel very safe and home. I feel at home. That is a strange but lovely feeling.

I have gotten everything up, I have got my photos printed and I will put some on the wall.

The walk to work across the harbour bridge in the morning is more then amazing. I have found the best point to take photos of the opera house. I will bring the good camera out in the next couple of weeks and take some photos.

I can lie in my bed on the morning and look at the turquoise water of the harbour and watch the sail boats float around.

And it’s tidy and when it isn’t. It’s my mess.

When I can’t sleep I can just turn all the lights on and faff about for a little while longer.

The only strange thing is cooking for one. I eat a lot of toasties, so many that I probably will start to look like one. One more thing that isn’t optimal with my flat. There is no real good supermarket close by, there is a supermarket but it’s not good. Hence the toasties.


  1. Must be a great feeling to really like your new home! It sounds amazing with the harbour and everything, very jelous! I can already feel the warm sun on my face when we walk over the bridge in october!

  2. I do hope it isn't raining when you guys are here. That is sooo gonna suck

  3. If it rains I'm gonna' blame you! No, just kidding. If it rains we will go to museums and eat at great restaurants and drink australian wine. The wine part I'm going to do even if it's sunny=)