Friday, 3 September 2010

I know nothing

It is funny, I've not lived full time in Stockholm since January 1997, but I still read the local newspapers online. I still read the DN Pa stan which is the weekend magazine, I guess I do it to feel not so far away when I speak to my family, so I know a little bit about what is happening in their surroundings. I'm sure they do not read the Sydney Morning Herald to keep up with mine. But that is OK, it's a bad paper anyway.

So DN (the newspaper) often has something called Stockholms testet, which is like an online test about what is happening in the city, questions about museums, displays, politics and all other things that has been in the news for the last week.

I always do the test. For fun...

Today was the first day I didn't get a single answer right...
Not one.

That was surprisingly sad.


  1. Well, I acutally read some australian news papers online to keep track with your new country, but I must say, it's hard when I've never been there... Keep on doing the tests, I believe in you=)

  2. This shows that you must come and visit soon!!

  3. Hello treacle. I really enjoyed Stockholm when I visited. And I get a kick out of watching the Larsson movies and spotting places I've been.

    I've been keeping quiet - went to the gym and more decluttering. I also made the most spectacular chocolate orange pudding - it was the tastiest dessert I've ever made. In fact the last piece is shouting my name from the fridge. I will email you the recipe, you wil not be disappointed.

    Monica xx

  4. Fortsätt läsa tidningarna gumman, men som din far sa: Kom hem!! Det var länge sen du bodde här i stan, men vi, din familj, finns här och vi lovar att ta hand om dig och pussa på dig och se till att du blir uppdaterad på allt som hänt sen du lämnade oss för att bege dig ut i världen.

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