Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Having a cup of tea and anzac biscuits for dinner today. Simply cause I can. Last time I lived on my own I ate ice cream for dinner for a year.

I remember it fondly.


  1. but that's not dinner, that's snack, not dinner. Dinner means real food, you crazy woman!

  2. Now that you are on your own you can do whatever you want, think of the possibilities! Naked Wednesday, fingerpainting in the kitchen, keep all your stuff on the floor or glued to the ceiling. Endless possibilities, ENDLESS!!! :-)

  3. Jag gillar kak-middagen!
    Själv åt jag godis till middag under en lång tid. Godis är gott, men man mår dåligt av att äta det när man är hungrig. Så det är ingen middag jag kan rekomendera.

  4. I've now read some facts about the Anzac biscuit and I've decided that I want to try them when I come visit. It's a cookie with history that one, not like Brago or Mariekex at all!