Monday, 6 September 2010


I had a nice weekend, but for some reason today things just got really flat.
Really sad and hard in a way, I guess it doesn't help that work was a little rough and a nice 12 hour day at that.

Any tips for anti-flat activities would be much appreciated. So far I've only got new haircut and signing up for the gym on the list.


  1. Buy a boxset of a series you've heard about but never seen, go to a zumba class at your gym, bake cakes and then eat them, have a massage, write a list of why you're feeling down and then burn it, make some jewellery, skype your friends....:-)

    Monica xxx

  2. You should go out and find a nice guy. Maybe someone from out of town, that could cheer you up.

  3. My suggestions are:
    1. try a new healthy reciepe, cause you'll feel good both for trying something new AND that you're eating healthy.
    2. Do some yoga or pilates at home and then drink some green tea
    3. spy on old class mates on facebook
    4. reed a good book, and it has to be really good.
    4. I also like Monicas idea about having a massage, but maybe that's difficult if it's in the middle of night, you'll meet som fishy people if you're looking for a massage after dark...=) But really I'm the worst person to give advice about this sort of stuff, cause I have the exact same problem today aswell!

  4. Dance is a good idea, and you can actually do it in the middle of the night all bny your slef, with queit music on. Try it Maria, endorfinerna will start moving your feelings in a positive way. You can jump oin the floor to, but the music and the moves are important here.

  5. And my spelling is getting worse, why don't they have a spellingprogram on this site...