Monday, 23 August 2010

New whereabouts

I'm in my new flat and it's lovely. Very girly for being me, but comfortable and has the most amazing view. I will as soon as I get it all sorted take photos and post.

I blatantly stole this photo from the Internet. But it shows the view a couple of minutes walk from my house. My view is in the other direction, over Lavender bay and all the sail boats.

I moved in on Saturday and Saturday night I went out for some food with friends. I underestimated how tired I got from the move. 3 Drinks and I was all over the shop and went home. On Sunday morning I woke up and did not recognize my surroundings (as the flat is new) and I remebered I'd been out for drinks and I nearly jumped off the balcony thinking I'd done something incredible stupid. Then I remembered this is my new house, I live here...and felt much better and went back to sleep.


  1. Moving makes you really tired, so no wonder you got a bit flaky after a few drinks=) You'll have to post pictures of the new place as soon as you can, I'm really curious!

  2. Otäck känlsa att vakna och inte veta var man är. Skönt att du var hemma.

  3. vilken utsikt.
    Du har bäst utsikt i familjen! (Jag har bäst insikt i familjen)

  4. Ja du har en fantastisk utsikt. K´s kommentar står för henne (ödmjukhet är en fin sak). Men när det gäller utsikter(för fullfölja ordvrängandet) så tävlar alla mina barn om att ha dom bästa. Det tar ett tag att inse att man är hemma i ett nytt hem. Särskilt på morgonen!
    Man som vet!!

  5. Jag har bäst forehand i familjen, bara så ni vet...