Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Fun fun fun

I've been complaining about being bored lately and having no fun. I have decided to work against this self pity by going to the Comedy Store in Sydney next week. I booked tickets today, which made me feel very constructive.

I bought Tickets for Will Andersson, he is rather big Australian comedian. I hope he is funny. He looks kinda funny on facebook.

When I lived in London I used to go to the Up the Creek which is a totally dingy great comedy club in east London. I love stand up comedy, good comedy, bad standup makes you feel like you want sink into the ground and that just for the audience. Imagine being the actual act.

Anyway. I think guy ought to be good. He is apparently famous. That must count for something.


  1. He was really great fun!!! Hope you will enjoy the show!!

  2. He was great, I'm gonna' youtube the crap out of him on my next day off!

    I have, sadly, found that famous comediens doesn't have to be funny at all. Hasse Brontén, Måns Möller, Kodjo Akolor, famous in Sweden, but booooring. They're the type of comedians that laugh at their own jokes. That's just wrong. So wrong.

    Up the creak=the best comedy place in the world. Loved the girl with the semantic jokes... LOVED HER!

  3. This blogg is not that frekvent any moore!!

  4. Maria? All work and no play?