Sunday, 3 October 2010


I'm in Singapore, which is lovely, hot and humid. Unfortunately i'm still ill. I think the stomach flu/food poisoning I got last weekend has pushed my stomach ulcer to rear it's ugly head. The continuous nausea is driving me nuts. I feel sick when I don't eat and even worse when I do eat. Which is so very sad as Singapore has great food, particularly great seafood which the thought off eating is making retch.

Singapore as most of you know is pretty much one huge shopping center. So I've done my best, but have come up pretty flat. Did buy a pretty dress and some shoes, and undies, as they do have M&S here. Can't fault old M&S for undies.

Tomorrow my training start, and I was soo exited about this training and I soo wish I was in a better shape for it, I know it's going to be very intense. Hence it would have been great if I was in tip top order. But I guess I'll just have to fake it till I make it.

This last week has been pretty rough as I've been ill and I quickly realized that I'm in a country where I have no family and no old friends. No old friends that you can call and go, -I'm sooo sick can you go and get me some soup, please. It was rather disturbing and embarrassing to have to ask A to help me get some food. Which to his credit he did, twice, which was very kind. It's always hard to ask for help, especially under these circumstances.

Well, I guess I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself today, so I'm gonna go and crash out in my humongous hotel bed. You could fit 8 people in there and have spare room.


  1. Oh I wish I could hire some little dude to tend to you when your sick on the other side of the planet! PUSS

  2. Vi hade gärna kommit med vitt bröd och någon att dricka. Stackare!!
    Det låter dock som att du hade en toppensemester förrutom magsjukan.

    Lycka till på kursen! Hoppas att det går bra. Man brukar vara lite sänkt efter att man mått så dåligt som du gjorde.
    Kram Kram Kram

  3. I'm sorry you've been feeling rubbish. You will need to build yourself up again once you're able to eat - lots of simple plain food. Possibly not curry...!

    Big hugs.

    Monica xxx

  4. Hello When I read the above I thoght that training was physical training. I was litle bit confused over that you where travelling to SQ ti have a work out. Now I understand that this is training in your jobb. I hope that you are feeling better today.

  5. Lilla gumman det är så synd om dig som mår så dåligt. Hoppas du kommer igång att äta igen så du inte blir en liten spinklisa. Du måste ju ha krafter att ta emot mig och Lovisa när vi kommer ;) Hoppas du mår bättre nu. Hotellet verkar fantastiskt.

  6. Oh no! I do feel super guilty re the soup.... but I got home too late on both the days.. I am so sorry... I am a bad friend. No curry.

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