Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Family in town

I have my mum and sister in town, which is so lovely. They have been here for about 10 days so I have been kept busy with socializing and hanging out. This week I have a holiday so I can really get to spend some time with them.

We have been to the beach today, yesterday we had crap weather so we went to buy me some fab balcony furniture. Once they arrive I will be able to have people come over and enjoy my fabulous view for a drink and meal cooked by someone else on my huge bbq.

Having people for a visit is real nice, they are the first in a long long list of people that are visiting this Australian spring and summer. I will not have the flat to myself for any extended period of time until mid January. As I haven't lived on my own for very long I'm finding it surprisingly easy and nice to have people around...it's almost like old times.


  1. But now I am so bored now that you are so popular..... xxx ; ))

  2. That's cool you enjoying your place now.What can be more fantastic that you got your dearest ones with you now to make the time more precious.

  3. Nä nu får du fanken ta o uppdatera din blogg min kära schwester!

  4. You need to do more blogging!!! I don't see any of those tidy photos I took.....