Friday, 18 November 2011

Technology bringing us together

Today it’s my Birthday, I will celebrate it in full effort and style tomorrow. Events that are included are blueberry pancake eating, helicopter flying, eating of good food with friends and drinking of (probably to much) wine.

My mum sent me an email today, with her singing our family’s standard happy birthday song, which is a different song from the “normal standard” happy birthday song. It made me very happy and teary eyed, as things like that does to you. It was really nice to get it, it made me feel much closer to her then if she just would have called and sung it. I will not show it here, as I’m sure she did not intend to become a internet birthday singing star, even though it sounded nice.

And that is when I realised, for being not very interested in gadgets, not a great user of them, not owning an Iphone, or Ipad or any of those things (except the office standard issue of blackberry, that I use to much to read my emails late at night or on the weekend, hence working when I really shouldn’t), technology has still made my life a better one.

Example one, Skype, Skype makes it possible for me to have a somewhat normal relationship with my family that is so far away, it allows me to show them things that I’ve made, what my home looks like, what I look like. It makes it possible for me to have an hour long conversation with my sister if she has time, without having to take into account the cost of a long distance phone call. I can see my nieces being cheeky, not just hear them, I can see what my mum and dad looks like when I talk to them.

Last year in particular Skype was a god send, the hours and hours of skyping I did with my friend M in New York where priceless and probably saved me from going to a very dark place at a time of my life that was pretty rough,

So, to follow up on that. I’ve been complaining about book prices since I arrive in Australia, which has meant I buy and read far fewer books then I used to. I also no longer commute to work so that is another reason, but price is the main one. So to counteract it, for my birthday I bought myself a Kindle, and I’m looking forward to getting back to reading some proper books, some crap books and pretty much everything in between at half the price I would buy them in the book store.

ohh, and I had a haircut, and dyed my hair back into a "natural" colour instead of the super white bleached colour...not sure how it looks. I think it looks gray. D thinks it's "gorgeous", but then he says that about most things. He is good like that.


  1. Many congratulations my dear daughter!! Thanks for not showing the world how (badly) I sing!!!And can you please send or put up a new picture so that I can see the new colour!!! Love you so much!! Mum

  2. Its good to see tech being used for good! ;-). Has such a bead name now days. and i love the way you say "mum" lol (good read, good day)

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