Monday, 12 September 2011

Time is just swirling past

Another weekend passed in a speedy haze, one minute is Friday afternoon and you think you are going to get so many things done over the next 48 hours and then suddenly you realise its Sunday night and many of your plans have failed yet again.

I used to be so controlled with my time, so organised, so structured; I have memories of feeling that I had to much time, that I got everything done (with the result of always being exhausted), and I’ve just realised that by being a little more chilled out, I also have to accept that with the comfort of not being continuously running about doing “stuff” I don’t get as much done.

This weekend is no different, I feel like I’ve done nothing. The main thing I did was eat, socialise and then I did some driving.

The Driving, well on Saturday I had a lesson with my instructor, he said I was good enough to book my test, I think I took that to heart too much because I went driving with D on Sunday and scared the living daylight out of him. I missed 3 stop signs and had to slam on the break because I didn’t see the red light turn.

I blame it on the principle of driving where you will be going, the first thing my teacher Peter said was, when you do you learning driving go where you think you will be going once you have your license. To often people do their learning driving in very safe, known streets. That wont help you when you get your license.

He said to go where other P-platers will go, like McDonalds drive thru; He then looked at me, muttered a little about maybe I was to old for that but the super market or the beach might be more appropriate for me. I then had to tell him about the last time I went to the McDonalds drive thru..(i.e. the giving of finger to lady hassling me in the car park when I stalled the car).I’m unlikely to go back.

Anyway, we drove to Bondi beach, on a Sunday, that was probably a sub optimal decision. Driving at Bondi is horrible, and it’s really really bad on Sundays. People milling about, not looking where they are going just randomly jumping out into traffic, pretty scary place for a learner driver. But that is just excuses for me driving badly and without concentration; D was not a happy passenger. I will have to tidy the up the driving, otherwise there will be no license, and Kurt (the car) and I will not be able to drive happily ever after.

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  1. When learning to drive you realize that people have no manners when they walk=) I think that you become a good driver about two years after you've taken your license, then you're not super scared all the time but you're not uet convinced that you're the best driver in the world. Your humble, and that's good in traffic I think. I think Kurt will be a happy car with you as his driver!