Monday, 19 September 2011

The one benefit with tooth extraction

18 months ago I bought fabric to make pillow cases for my "Throw Pillows" for my couch. For 18 months these huge 25 inch square pillows have had some random white and blue pillow covers.

Finally on Sunday night, as I was trying to distract myself from the pain in my non longer there tooth, I hand sewed one pillow case, this one, it's pink on side and bright yellow on the other, it even has a bright yellow zipper.

I was hand sewing it ( I don't have a sewing machine anymore), while sitting on the couch, waiting for D to come home from work, watching a documentary called MEGA FACTORIES, about IKEA. Isn't that a nice 1950's view for ya! When D came home said my stitches where very even ( he might have had to be prompted to say that, but still, my grandmother would have been proud)

Did I mention the fabric is from IKEA. I love IKEA.


  1. Best pillow ever, such nice summer colors! Now I'm inspired, I'm going to make my own pillow cases as well, but I do have a sweing machine so... now that feels like cheating=)


  2. Det var det finaste jag nånsin sett i kuddväg!!!Om du inte vill att den ska försvinna till Sverige efter jul eller så måste jag nog få önska mig en i julklapp eller i födesledagspresent....OJ så fin!!!!

  3. wow I"ve been trying to find a yellow pillow like that forever! wish I were handy with a needle. :) lovely !

  4. Very lovely collection i really like it