Monday, 20 December 2010


I have decided that January 2011 will be the kick off time for my new Project Health 2011. Why is this, well the main reason is that I’m feeling very unhealthy. I have had so much fun in the last couple of months, so much fun; which can be seen on the increase of waistline that I have and the fact that my stomach ulcer has come back in full force.

I can’t blame it all on the fact that I have had great visitors in my flat since early October even if I would want that. It does come down to the fact that I have eaten to much, drunken to much and smoked far to much.

Now it has been lovely to do this, but I am starting to see the side effects of this hedonistic couple of months that I have been having.

All the dresses and skirts I bought in New York in August are too tight in the waist.
My attention span is really bad.
I have much less energy then I normally have.
My skin is getting prickly and I have got breakouts again. Wrinkles and pimples in combination. Not fair at all.

As I’m a all or nothing person I will try to do this as a project, but my aim is
1. Not to let it take over my life.
2. Not get injured from the increased training.

These are things that I have never been able to do. Ever. I normally get far to into it, cutting out all socialising and focus only on eating well and training hard. Rendering my personal life a bit dull and also about 4 months in I will have got myself injured again.

So I will not do it that way this time.
I have made a project plan, I have divided the time from January to April into stage 1.
In stage 1 I will stop smoking, I will eat more vegetarian food and get back into regular exercise.

In stages, not all at once.

If I would do it all in once, then one is very likely to fail. So first step is, stop smoking, stop drinking for January and go to one yoga class a week.

This is my plan, or Project Health 2011, or PH-11 as I will refer to it.


  1. Go PH-11! You can do it, untz untz! And it seems very smart to take it slow and devide your project in different stages like that, du är bäst!

  2. Sounds good. I'm planning to stay off alcohol in January, well apart from Hogmanay and Burns night obviously.
    Hope you're having a great time with your dad. It's properly cold in London, I love it!!!

    Can you skype call me if you get a chance...
    Mon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Jag gillar PH-11!
    Can I join. I små steg kan till och med jag vara med. Mitt första steg skall vara att försöka cykla till jobbet en eller flera dagar i veckan.

  4. Lycka till, bra det där med steg, jag försöker också det...har nu varit utan alkohol i fyra dagar!!