Monday, 29 August 2011

Obsessive or nerd gene!

I have a full on nerd gene, I will on occasion find a subject to which I become obsessively interested, such that I want to know everything about the subject, I want to read all the books, look at all the pictures, see all exhibits etc. I become a rather dull person at such occasions as I mainly want to talk and think about this super duper really interesting subject that I love. I truly enjoy it, but I’m not sure that others might.

Now this doesn’t happen often, last time it occurred it was gemstones, which ties neatly into my interest in jewellery, and I ended up doing a two year FGA qualification and is now a qualified gemmologist.

Now I love gemstones, but the interest has vaned a little bit in the last couple of years, I still love looking at them, working with them, reading about them, but I don’t obsessively read everything I can find about them in the way that I used to.

I’m kind of feeling that a new nerd subject is coming on, I’m just not sure what it might be yet, maybe wood work, maybe physics, it would be awesome if it was maths, but that is unlikely.

And I was wondering, what if stalkers are people with a nerd gene whose obsession becomes another person and not a subject. That thought is a little scary. I think I will stop thinking that, before that is the thing that becomes the great new interest, and I would turn into a stalker of stalkers.

Don’t want that, no good.

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