Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Diets and such

Lately or in the last 9 months or so my weight has steadily been inching upwards. Not in huge numbers but slowly, slowly got it self to a number that I’m not happy with.

I was whinging about it the other day to a friend and he said, well considering all that has happened in the last few months maybe it’s not so strange, and I kind of thought Yes, but for how long can I use that excuse.

I know exactly what has happened, I’m not cooking dinner like I used to, I’m not eating in the same controlled fashion that I used to, I allow myself toasties and biscuits to make up for not eating dinner. I don’t bring lunch work, I socialise much more then I used to with the extra alcohol and the extra crap food that I wouldn’t have eaten previously.

Now the issue with all this is that knowing myself very well in regards to weight gain, if I don’t nip this in the bud pretty quickly, I will get to what I perceive is my “critical number” and that number will push me into doing something, and that something will most likely be something silly. I will indulge in old restrictive eating behaviours and exercise too much, too hard and I will hurt myself again, I reckon to major hip surgeries should be enough even for me.

So my plan is to try to get a handle on it prior to going mental. So I’m looking for inspiration to get me eating better again, eating better but not crazily restrictive.

Thinking health more then kcal I guess. And that is hard for me, so I did some looking around, and I saw the LCHF diet, I thought that looked interesting. And I realised that is pretty much exactly how I used to eat, excluding most dairy products except cheese.

The only problems with all these low carbohydrate eating plans for me are breakfast; I like porridge for breakfast, with berries and almonds.

So I’ll do my own version. Good old fashioned eating habits. So I’ll go to the super market, buy myself some eggs, make an omelette instead of sandwich for dinner and then go home and throw out all the biscuits that are loitering around my flat.

Those biscuits are well known for loitering around my house. I love them and they love me, but not in the right way. More in the love handle way. So in the bin they go. I will replace them with chocolate.


  1. I am in a similar position - 5lbs heavier than I'm comfortable with - a combination of eating out more and going to the gym less. But today is a new day - I had cereal for breakfast, sushi for lunch and am going to the gym (zumba) after work. Let's compare notes.

    Monica xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello, back to blogging - lovley! :)
    You seem to have had some fun times!!

    Funnt story about the driving, People in suv's needs a finger every now and then :)

    I have started to exercise too, but my knee decided after three weeks it was'nt good for me....
    Typical, I never learn to start slow!

  3. LCHF is shit if you have a family with a history of heart failures, since the fat might clog up you veins even though you're not getting heavier. That's what I've heard. I think that most people can use "Tallriksmodellen", and take out the potatoes and use whole grain bread and pasta. It is NOT healthy for your body not to get any carbohydrates, it's the fuel of the brain! Healthy carbohydrates are good for the body. (And my English sucks 'cause I'm working with French people.) But I think slowly but surely is de motto. Someone smart (storasyster K I believe) told me that if you've gained 10 kg in five years, you should'nt try to loose it in two months. Thus, slowly but surely.

    Du är bäst, ingen protest och hurra för att du bloggar igen!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like the Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot.I didn't follow it exactly but basically followed her guidelines and principles with lots of success. It focuses on fresh produce, no preservatives, wholemeal not refined and leans towards vego/vegan. Not for everyone but worth checking out.
    Good luck with what ever you choose.

  5. Dearest Marie don't stop being a social and nice person, continue to live your life and feel good about it!! You don't need to have control over all you do, enjoy life! A cake a day keeps the doctor away;)You are not a happy person when you don't eat carbohydrates. Hugs mum

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